About Me

After studying art history and graphic design at art college, I was fortunate to spend the next ten years working as both a graphic designer and museum exhibition designer. In 2018 I decided to launch Particular People as a creative outlet for my designs whilst also working as a teacher. Now in 2020 it is my full time 'job', but I can't really call it that, as I spend my days doing what I love!  Exploring the abstraction of natural forms and then distilling my ideas into minimal shapes and colour are what drive my designs. All of this is made worthwhile when I see photos of my prints in your homes! 

My designs have also made their way into the ever colourful interiors of @littlebigbell @fallowgrey and @pandora.maxton.

If you would like to get in touch, send an e-mail to info@particularpeople.co.uk